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Subscription Plans Fixed Matches

Subscription Plans Fixed Matches

Subscription Plans Fixed Matches

This offers you sure daily fixed matches with which you can make a profit everyday !
Would you like to intelligently invest in sure win 100% solo predict without the fear of losing your money?
Then you are at the right place.
Our team bet-fixedmatches.com works hard to prove that this is a lucrative business combined with lots of emotion and passion. Thanks to our experience, confirm matches information and the right selection, we are here to make you happy and help you start making money. The only sure way of making permanent gains is a powerful team of tipsters and sure fixed matches on the correct scores. Our goal is to protect you from bookmakers and increase your bankroll to new much higher levels.
Enjoy everyday winning with our Subscription Plans Fixed Matches


 Choose Subscription Plan 

 ONE WEEK    =   Total +5 fixed matches   | Odds +2.60 daily

 PRICE = €50 

 TWO WEEKS    =   Total +12 fixed matches   | Odds +2.60 daily

 PRICE = €90 

 ONE MONTH    =   Total +25 fixed matches   | Odds +2.60 daily

 PRICE = €140 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
e-mail betxfixedmatches@gmail.com
Subscription Plans Fixed Matches WhatsApp ➤ +38978281679

NOTE: To ensure all my paying members are treated with respect, I do not provide any free tips trial under any circumstances. 99% of those looking for free tips trial are not willing buying advice. So I take care of those who appreciate my services!

Subscription Plans June 2022

01.06.2022 Pullach – Dachau 2 2.90 0:3 Win
02.06.2022 Bandirmaspor – Istanbulspor AS 2 2.80 1:2 Win
03.06.2022 Middelfart – Kolding IF 1 2.80 3:2 Win
04.06.2022 Oppsal – OS TF 2 2.70 1:4 Win
05.06.2022 Angelholm – Oddevold 1 3.00 1:0 Win
06.06.2022 Honefoss – Forde 2 2.80 1:2 Win
07.06.2022 Brzeg – Bielsko-Biala 2 2.60 2:6 Win
08.06.2022 Vila Nova FC – Brusque 2 3.50 0:2 Win
09.06.2022 Hassleholms IF – Osterlen FF 2 2.80 1:2 Win
10.06.2022 Treibach – Kalsdorf 1 2.70 3:2 Win
11.06.2022 Ready – Sandviken X 3.70 3:3 Win
12.06.2022 Zdralovi – Vukovar 1991 2 2.50 0:2 Win
13.06.2022 Tombense – CSA 1 2.50 2:1 Win
14.06.2022 Volta Redonda – Remo 1 2.50 3:0 Win
15.06.2022 Atl. Tucuman – Lanus X 3.30 2:1 Lose
16.06.2022 Fylkir – Kopavogur 2 2.80 0:1 Win
17.06.2022 Sroda – Pogon Szczecin II 2 2.70 0:3 Win
18.06.2022 U. De Concepcion – La Serena 1 2.80 4:3 Win
19.06.2022 Cianorte – Sao Bernardo 2 3.10 0:1 Win
20.06.2022 Innstrandens – Rosenborg 2 1 3.80 4:3 Win
21.06.2022 Aldosivi – Platense X 3.10 0:0 Win
22.06.2022 Cabofriense – Goncalense 2 2.80 1:2 Win
23.06.2022 JBK – Narpes Kraft 2 3.10 1:2 Win
24.06.2022 AB Argir – Toftir 2 3.00 0:3 Win
25.06.2022 Bala(Wal) – Cliftonville(Nir) 1 2.50 2:1 Win
26.06.2022 Volta Redonde – Aparecidense 2 3.80 0:3 Win

Subscription Plans Fixed Matches

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